It was another amazing performance for the Fox Downhill team this weekend. When the riding was done, on the beautiful slopes of Les Gets Bike Park, the team held three of the top five spots. The course was fast with huge jumps; legendary grass turns added drama all the way down. More than a few riders laid it all on the line, however, some would push the envelope a little too far.


Current World Champion, Loic Bruni, rode a masterful race. His swift speed and smooth technique through the more technical sections helped land him on the second step of the podium.

Loic rode a calculated race, keeping his overall series lead in mind. “I was a little too conservative," Bruni said in his post-race interview. "Maybe I was thinking too much of the overall to win this one. But, what a race. The crowd was insane - so loud the whole way down. It was beautiful - a good memory forever!”

The final result was a second-place finish, his fifth podium of the season, which helps extend his overall points lead to 110 as they head to the mid-season break.


Laurie Greenland put together his best race of the season and was on pace for the victory with only Bruni and defending overall champion Pierron able to best his performance. With aggressive lines through the technical sections and massive speed on the top and bottom, he rode to the top of the leader board and sat in the hot seat until the very end of the day. Laurie is putting together his most consistent season to date and sits in seventh place in the overall standings.


Showing some of the top speeds of the week, Loris Vergier came into the day in the fourth qualifying position. In the morning practice, he overcooked a turn and spun out into a tree. The huge crash put his race day in jeopardy. The concern turned to relief as it was learned he would be ok to race, although at what level no one was sure. To everyone’s surprise, despite being sore and riding with a taped shoulder, Loris put in a great run, showing the high level of speed and consistency we’ve seen from him all year. While he was no doubt hoping for more from the weekend, his fifth-place finish was incredible considering the crash he was involved in just hours earlier. His performance moved him up to fourth place in the overall standings.


Finn Iles had another tough day on the hill. After showing excellent speed in qualifying and at the top of his race run, a choppy section caught him off guard, and he went down. He was able to remount and showed great speed throughout the rest of his run - as he has all season. Although he is no doubt disappointed, he has the pace to compete and will come back stronger than ever when the series starts up again in Val Di Sole in August.


Lastly, this was the third non-start for Fox team rider Tahneé Seagrave. Still rehabilitating her shoulder injury from her huge crash at Fort William in June, Tahneé has been working hard, and we are happy to report she was able to ride her bike for the first time this week. Though it was just a training ride to start to get her cardio back, it is a great sign to see her on two wheels and bodes well for her plans to be back in top form for the World Championship race in Monte Sainte Anne Canada at the end of August.


Men’s Results:

  • 1st – Amaury Pierron (2:57.008)
  • 2nd – Loic Bruni (+2.352)
  • 3rd – Laurie Greenland (+3.450)
  • 4th – Troy Brosnan (+4.137)
  • 5th – Loris Vergier (+4.506)
  • 6th – Brendan Fairclough (+4.636)
  • 7th – Greg Minnaar (+5.045)
  • 8th – David Trummer (+5.114)
  • 9th – Thomas Estaque (+5.300)
  • 10th – Dean Lucas (+5.684)

Women’s Results:

  • 1st – Tracey Hannah (3:27.600)
  • 2nd – Marine Cabirou (+0.677
  • 3th – Mariana Salazar (+2.171)
  • 4th – Eleonora Farina (+6.080)
  • 5th – Nina Hoffmann (+6.457)
  • 6th – Veronika Widmann (+6.501)
  • 7th – Camille Balanche (+8.334)
  • 8th – Agnes Delest (+10.259)
  • 9th – Kate Weatherly (+11.445)
  • 10th – Miranda Miller (+12.135)


The athletes will have a few weeks off from the UCI DH World Cup series to rest and rehabilitate any injuries. The racing doesn’t stop completely, however, as there are national championships for many of our riders. We’ll next see them on the course in Val Di Sole, Italy - one of the roughest and most technical courses of the season. Val Di Sole features some of the steepest and fastest slopes in the series.

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